If your dream is for a fashionable and beautiful house in the interior and the exterior, you have to start from the bottom up. When you’re getting a house built or having your home remodelled, you have to take time to think about your floors. Flooring can make or break the overall look your home and if you want something cost effective and durable, there’s always the option for using travertine floor tiles. ¬†Travertine tiles are formed from a very dense form of Calcium Carbonate and although technically a Limestone, travertine tiles are more usually considered a Marble. The colour varies from pale to dark cream and they have attractive surface variations. Click¬†cheapest place to buy carpet to know more.

They have been used since Roman times as a building material, and are now used for both domestic and commercial applications. Travertine has characteristic voids in its surface which are caused by gases present when the rock was in the metamorphic state. The size of these holes can vary from tiny pinholes to quite large irregular holes. These voids can be filled with grout when fixing the tiles or filled at the factory, where the tile is machined to give a honed or polished surface.

Factory filled and honed tiles are more expensive than unfilled tiles, however this largely depends on the finish. Brushed tiles on the other hand cannot be filled and are desirable due to their “rustic” appearance. As with many stone tiles quality can vary dramatically and travertine is often graded into quality groups such as Select and Second choice. Beware that many cheap offers on the web are second choice quality which is extremely variable in colour and finish.

Types of finish for Travertine tiles are:

Polished: Available only with filled tiles;

Honed: Available in either filled or unfilled;

Brushed: A textured finish available unfilled tiles only.